Sunday, June 27, 2010

CSUSB & MMC are the featured guest choirs for High Mass at Iglesia Colegial Divino Salvador in Sevilla on June 27 at 8 pm

The Iglesia Colegial Divino Salvador in Sevilla is the CSUSB & MMC concert venue on June 27 at 8 pm. The Roman Catholic church is known as the Church of the Savior and located at the Plaza del Salvador. It's the largest church in the city, not counting the cathedral. It is a 17th century church in Baroque style. It has a rectangular plan with 3 naves. Its vaults are of the barrel and cross types. Inside, the dome, the main reredos and the sacramental chapel are outstanding. It also has the carvings of 'Jesús de la Pasión', the work of Martínez Montañés, and 'El Cristo del Amor' by Juan de Mena. Prior to the church there was a Roman temple, a Palaeochristian, Visigothic and Mozarab basilica, and, in the 11th century, the great mosque of Seville on this site. You can still see the Courtyard of the Ablutions and the Minaret (now a bell tower) of the great mosque. Click here to get to the website (in Spanish).

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