Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Incantato Restaurant: Farewell dinner at Cafè del Fin in Toledo

Before you have to say "adiós" to Spain, enjoy your special Incantato farewell dinner at Cafè del Fin in Toledo on June 30 (address: c/ Taller del Moro 1, 45002 Toledo; phone: +34 925251052). The restaurant is located in the historical center of Toledo and was founded in 1969. On the menu for the CSUSB and MMC travelers:

1. Starters to share: Manchego cheese, Iberian ham, Sepia Brochetitas (fish), chicken and orange salad
2. Grilled swordfish with baked potatoes
3. Fruit pudding and apple cake
4. Water and 1 drink per person

About Manchego cheese:
Manchego is, without a doubt, the most famous cheese in Spain. It has been consumed since time immemorial throughout the region of La Mancha. This has made it possible today for an important cheese industry to develop, which maintains handcrafted production of the cheese. Manchego Cheese is an oily cheese, made exclusively from raw or pasteurized Manchega breed sheep's milk. Its shape is cylindrical. The rind, yellow or dark brown in color, displays, on the sides, the characteristic design of the esparto creases and, on the top and bottom, the so-called 'flower' or mark made by the wooden press slats. Its texture is compact, dense and oily, its color varies between white and yellowish-ivory, and its flavour is intense, peculiar and slightly salty. It has had a Denomination of Origin since 1991 and each cheese must be identified on one of its flat sides with a numbered casein plaque.

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