Monday, June 28, 2010

Incantato Restaurant: Vino Mio in Malaga

Restaurant Vino Mio (C/Alamos 11 - 29012 Malaga; phone: +34 952 609 093) is ranked second best restaurant in Malaga on Owner Helene has traveled the world to gain experience and studied Hotel Management for 4 years. The restaurant is famous for its Tapas, which the CSUSB San Bernardino Chamber Singers and the Mountainside Master Chorale will taste on June 28. On the menu:

1.Tapas frios: NACHOS GUACAMOLE: crusty nachos with guacamole sauce; BURRITOSERRANO: corn stuffed tortilla with cheese cream, rockets and serrano ham; PATE' PICASSO: patè tortilla chips with blueberries sauce

2. Tapas calientes: TRIANGULOS CHINOS: crunchy, stuffed vegetables and curry with sweet chili sauce; CROQUETAS DE ESPINACAS: stuffed with spinach and shrimps, served with raspberry sauce and brandy; CROQUETAS DE QUESO: stuffed cabrales cheese served with raspberry sauce and brandy; SATE' BALI: chicken breast marinated in soy sauce with rice, bread, shrimp and peanut sauce

3. Tapas postre: brownie and cheesecake

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